Back Where It Began

Back Where It Began

One short story started everything!

Literally, Back Where It Began is not just the title of our final assignment short film but it is also the right title to start the company’s blog. How you find wonder from a little mind of a boy to fight against the world.

Inspired by all the grave cross which are laid beside the road of Canberra,

Back Where It Began is a story of a man who travels to the place to reconcile his relationship with his lost love life.

Remembering the experience like 10 years ago it’s hard to recall.

The thing that was remembered was the struggle being the only international student trying to be creative and communicate with people who are totally different from him.

It was a period of ignorance. There were no plans after the movie was created. It was just the ambition of a boy to show off what he could do so he could be part of the new society. However, the experience taught him that film is more than a visual screened in a theatre. It taught of handwork, friendship, and collaboration between people who have the same passion and vision with you.

Although it was difficult, the outcome makes you fall in love to the screen over and over again. When the movie was watched by a full row of audiences, it gave you a chill and reflect if this is the road that the boy will take in the future.

And it is!

6 years after that event happened, look where are we now! That little Asian boy now finally made his own film company. It still young but someone needs to start from somewhere, right.

Hope this blog involves you in our journey to produce the best audiovisual that has a positive effect on the world. Please, join our journey!

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